"In the long run, the battle that Michele Bachmann is waging on the House Intelligence Committee may be more important to the well-being and security of Americans than all the battles over budgets and debt ceilings combined." -- David Horowitz

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is under attack for voicing concern over critical national security issues that no other elected leader wants to acknowledge, and now her position on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence may be at stake. A radical group has presented Speaker Boehner with a petition bearing 178,000 signatures demanding the removal of Congresswoman Bachmann from the committee.

We must fight back.

America needs Michele Bachmann and her fearless leadership keeping watch over our interests at home and abroad, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is the best place for her to fulfill this task. So please join the Freedom Center in demanding the Left stop its witch hunt against Congressman Bachmann by signing the counter petition.